How to start a digital business

Unleash your potentialHow to start a digital business is a very broad topic, a digital business can be almost anything that can be imagined. If you have an idea or product that you want to sell then there are loads of options available but I went with the easy one, a Digital Business System, to fund my project and teach me how to run my own digital business. Let’s focus on what to do if you want to work online and start their own digital business but just don’t know where to start!

What it takes to start a digital business?

The basic components of a digital business are:

  • A product or service
  • A way to sell or provide the product or service
  • People to purchase the product or service

Yes that is very high level but without going into the detail let’s break it down a little further. You’ll need a product or service obviously, if you don’t have one then you’ll need to get one and selling affiliate products is one of the easiest ways. You will then need a website and blog to promote your product and show your expertise. Depending on the product you might need an e-commerce platform with SSL etc. (a way to sell the product). Once you have that in place you will need traffic and ultimately customers. Along with all of this you will need a communications channel, to keep it simple we will stick with email as everybody knows how to use it and it currently is the most effective form of communications.

Most people who want to start making a living online don’t have all the skills or components required or don’t know how to bring it all together. The Six Figure Mentors provide all these elements with the required training, support and sales staff to do the one to one selling work for you.

Do you need a Digital Business System?

No, I don’t feel a need to sell a Digital Business System. It’s basically software that combines everything required to run a digital business. In its most basic form a Digital Business System is software that enables an average person to manage all aspects of their own digital business. So if you have the skills and systems already why would you be reading this article? 😉 If you’re like me at all, then you have some skills, ideas, drive and a desire to make money online but you need a system to enable you to use your talents to make that money. That’s what a digital business system is! (and the SFM offers much, much more !)

Photo of John with his fiancée BernadetteAs a software developer for over 15 years I immediately recognised my need for a Digital Business System if I wanted to run my own digital business. Within a few minutes of using the SFM system I knew it would take me years or hundreds of thousands to build it so I had to go for it and I’ve never looked back.

What you get


  • SFM product line
  • DEA product line
  • Affiliate products
  • Own products
  • New products coming online all the time
  • Free products (You can provide them free to potential customers)


  • Full training series covering the system and traffic generation
  • Multiple weekly training webinars
  • Full archive of past training webinars and recorded seminars


  • Community forum for any questions
  • IT support and billing support
  • Traffic sources


  • Authority blog (unlimited blogs with Elite)
  • E-commerce platform
  • Full stats and tracking system
  • Lead capture and follow up system

That’s just the basic system information and as you can see there’s lot to it. The internet is full of get rich quick schemes but I’m afraid there really is no such thing as getting rich quick (apart from the lotto and even that takes money). Don’t worry I have tried to get rick quick too 😉 What we have is a system to help you work your way to being rich. OK so it does take work like any business but the rewards can be way beyond anything a traditional business could achieve. Our members alone have already earned over 40M since 2007 and continue to see massive growth each month! Want some of that action? We’re always taking new applications, <<< Apply Now >>>

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